Product Descriptions

Single Coil:
Antennas come in 6", 9", 12", 17", 22" and 27" bottom shaft lengths.

Double Coil:
Antennas come in 6", 9", 12", and 17" bottom shaft lengths.
  • Double coil antennas are designed for reduced height.
  • A second coil is added, which allows for a shorter whip. This reduces the overall length of the antenna.
SW Double Coil:
Antennas come in 9", 12" and 17" bottom shaft lengths.
  • The SW for (short whip) is the one to buy when height is an issue.
  • The top coil has two additional wraps resulting is an antenna that is about a foot and a half shorter than the standard double coil antenna. This reduction in overall length allows for an even shorter whip.
Antenna only comes in a 22" bottom shaft length. (We recommend that you purchase an extra whip to run vertical.)
  • This antenna is for those of you who want to shoot skip.
Antenna comes in 9" 12" and 17" bottom shaft length only.
  • It is designed for increased audio output. (Great DX antenna!)
Bad To The Bone
This antenna has a longer insulator (about 2") for less loss. The section the whip slides into is also about 2" longer. The overall antenna length after tuning is around 6'. The BAD TO THE BONE antenna will out preform the lower priced Predator antennas.

Predator 30K

For the serious operator we have the 30K Predator antenna. This is for the big boys with the big toys. The 30K has a larger coil and has been tested at 50,000 watts. The Predator 30K has a 36" long 3/4" diameter Tubular aluminum center radiator instead of the typical steel whip. The center radiator can slide up and down to adjust the SWR. The tubular center rod is not flexible like the steel whips so if you will be hitting trees and other objects a steel whip model will be better for you.

SO239 Mounts:
Are designed to be used with 6", 9", or 12" bottom shaft antennas only. Lug Mounts:
May be used on all Predator antennas.

Puck Mounts:
Are designed for SUV's and pickup's that use through-the-roof mounting. This gives you a larger surface mount for stability.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the use of one of the above mounts with the PREDATOR antenna.